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Growing Bamboo

By Craig Wallin

Bamboo is one of the most widely-used plants in the world. Over half the population uses it in one way or another. There simply is a high demand for quality bamboo. Looking to make some extra cash or start a new career? Then you should consider growing bamboo for profit.

In addition to being one of the most widely-used plants in the world, it is also the fastest-growing plant. The current record is a bamboo plant that grew 47.6 inches in 24 hours! It also has many, many uses. Scaffolding, water pipes, parrot stands, vases, privacy screens, fencing and many more. Your bamboo plants can make you a nice profit in no time.

Before you start growing bamboo, you need to think about the climate of your town. Certainly warmer climates will be able to grow more varieties of bamboo, but cold ones can too. Be aware though that if temperatures in the wintertime frequently drop below zero F. then you should consider growing something else. If temperatures consistently stay above zero F. then you could have the perfect climate for growing bamboo. To protect your bamboo from cold winter winds and temperatures, plant your plants on a slightly-sloping hillside facing south or in a sheltered area.

You also need to think about the soil. Most plants will need soil with a neutral pH. And don't forget to give your bamboo plants plenty of room to grow. For sale as landscaping plants, a large (5 gallon) pot works well for most varieties.

Once you've made sure you have plenty of room, good soil and that you're growing in a climate that bamboo plants can thrive in, now you're ready to pick out which plants to grow. So how do you do that? Simply put, you need to grow what sells. As is true with any business, if you can sell a product people want to buy, then you'll make a profit. So how do you find out what people want to buy? It's time to do some research.

Visit your local garden center and see what bamboo plants they keep a high amount of in stock. What seems to be the popular sellers? What are the prices like? Next, talk to landscapers and commercial growers and find out what they grow, or what they typically like to buy. You can also pick up gardening magazines, and find out what the latest trends are in bamboo plants.

When you're ready to propagate your plants, be sure to use containers, such as pots and planters. Container-grown plants can be sold almost any time of the year. Be sure to get containers that "breath," as this will help ensure good water drainage.

There are many ways to sell your plants. If your town allows it, you could sell right out of your backyard nursery. Or maybe you'd like to sell to landscapers and garden centers. If you can grow what they're looking for, you could see a lot of repeat business. Maybe you'd like to sell through the mail. Place an ad in a gardening magazine, and watch those calls come pouring in. And don't forget about the bamboo products you could make, such as privacy screens, fencing and parrot stands. Any "value-added" products will put more profits in your pocket. To learn more, read Golden Harvest, available at:

Craig Wallin is the author of twelve best-selling books about home-based businesses you can start for just a few hundred dollars, and the editor of EXTRA INCOME BULLETIN, an online resource about honest businesses you can start on a shoestring. To learn more, visit:

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